Custom Fields on Standard Objects in the IDE

Browsing through the Discussion Boards while playing with the new version of the IDE (released June 19), the ever helpful JonP explained exactly how to generate a .object file on standard objects.

Fire up Eclipse, and in your project open up src/unpackaged/package.xml. Find the XML element with the name of “CustomObject” and add in some new subelements with the value of the standard object. It should look like this:


Then, run the “Refresh from Server” functionality by right-clicking on src/objects and accessing the menu. Your standard objects should then appear.

Alternatively, if you’re paranoid about too many custom fields being editable (and quickly erasable) in the IDE, you can stick in an entirely new types element named CustomField that looks like this:


Now, you’re able to use the power and speed of the IDE to create, edit, and deploy custom fields on your standard objects. It’s a great productivity win. A big thanks to JonP for explaining all this.

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