Ruby Gem for the Sunlight Labs API Updated to 0.2

Back in August, I released an initial version of a Ruby gem for the Sunlight Labs API. The gem has since been used in many projects, most famously on Tweet Congress.

This weekend at Transparency Camp, I set out to improve several aspects of the gem, including adding a twitter_id field, which wasn’t there back in August when I made the initial release. Changes include:

  • Add support for twitter_id and youtube_url on Legislator
  • Add Legislator#search_by_name for fuzzy name searching
  • Add Legislator#all_in_zipcode for better lookups on a five-digit zip code
  • Raise exception when API Key isn’t set
  • Credit for various fixes goes to GitHub users pengwynn, hoverbird, and wilson

Check it out on GitHub. Ruby developers participating in Apps for America will hopefully find it indispensable.

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