Ruby Sunlight API Gem 0.9 Released

This release includes support for two new fields on Legislator, a refactoring of the base functionality so that the gem is more compatible within Rails and Merb apps, and support for Lobbyists, Filings, and Issues. There is a new way to set up your Sunlight API Key, so this release is not backwards-compatible with releases 0.1. and 0.2.

This gem is now considered a feature-complete wrapper around the Sunlight API, and will be bumped up to 1.0 after being used for a bit in the wild.

GitHub | RubyForge


  • Warning: This release is not backwards-compatible!
  • Change loading behavior of base functionality, works better with Rails and Merb
  • Sunlight::SunlightObject is now Sunlight::Base
  • For set up, Sunlight.api_key= is now Sunlight::Base.api_key=
  • For set up, using “include ‘Sunlight’” is no longer recommended
  • Correct usage is Sunlight::Legislator.all_for(…) instead of just Legislator.all_for(…)
  • Credit to Rue the Ghetto (rughetto on GitHub) and Eric Mill for inspiring the improvements above
  • Add support for senate_class (“I”, “II”, or “III”) and in_office (0 or 1) on Legislator
  • Add support for Lobbyists, Filings, and Issues
  • Huge credit to mindleak on GitHub for Lobbyist-related functionality
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