Three Videos from RailsConf

I attended RailsConf 2009 earlier this month. Overall, it was a good conference, and any commentary on the city to be made has already been made by others.

I brought my Flip Mino HD with me. While great for shooting outdoor (or very well-lit) scenes, I find the Flip doesn’t perform as admirably in lower light situations, which is unfortunately the environment of a conference hall. Also, the Flip is optimized to record voice at close distance, so picking up mic audio from a speaker system wasn’t ideal either.

That being said, here are three videos I recorded at RailsConf. The TweetCongress video has the best audio quality, while the Gov 2.0 Panel, I’m sad to say, has the worst.

Build an App, Start a Movement from Luigi Montanez on Vimeo.

The Russian Doll Pattern from Luigi Montanez on Vimeo.

Government 2.0 Panel at RailsConf from Luigi Montanez on Vimeo.

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